3 things I learnt about marriage

I know that it’s only been about a month since I got married so I don’t plan on giving expert advice. I just want to share my own one month experience, so just read and you might either understand what I am talking about or learn something.

It’s not just about you. This might sound cliche but marriage is all about selflessness. There have been various occasions where I want to do things “my way”, but if he doesn’t agree with my way, I have to understand why or convince him. I can’t make a lot of decisions myself without passing them through him especially money decisions (Honestly,that will take a bit of getting used to).

“Being married” is different from being “in a relationship”. I know this sounds cliche too, but what I mean is that there is a greater feeling of responsibility when it comes to marriage, also there is a greater feeling of permanency. You know that this where you belong, this is your home, your family, your husband and everything depends on you to work.

Keep your marriage interesting. I realize now that the reason why most people cheat is not because they are no longer interested in their spouses but because they’re have lost the drive to keep things interesting. Things just don’t work on their own… You have a responsibility to make things work! Flirt with your spouse, go on dates, buy gifts for each other without reason or occasion. Call each other often…even during lunch breaks. It works I promise.

In conclusion, I realize that marriage is a choice, an everyday decision. In one short month, we have had good times, bad times, terrible times. But they decision I consciously make everyday is to do whatever it takes to make my marriage work, to let go of my pride when necessary and apologize even when I am right just to keep the peace, to always encourage my spouse through the good and bad times, to uplift him in prayers every time,to make him look forward to coming home after work, to make him happy without thinking of what he can do for me but what I can do for him, to trust that he wants the best for me so I will listen to his advice and make corrections, to be his wife and helper so I do everything that’s he can’t because that’s what a helper does (not complain about what has not been done), and finally to make him thank God everyday for choosing me as his spouse.
That’s all I have learnt so far. I still have a lot of learning to do. What else should I learn. Leave me a comment so I can learn more.


Life Updates: New Camera Alert!!!


I am so excited y’all! I finally bought myself a DSLR camera, after ages of lusting after one! I bought a Canon Rebel T3 camera (I think I am going to give her a name, Yes it’s a she). I wanted the Canon T3i camera but it was a tad bit more expensive than my budget for now. But I am so happy with my purchase! I will show pictures of the camera soon.

Also look forward to more outfit photos coming soon!

(My camera’s name is Bella!)


My Favorite Street Styles from the New York Fashion Week

While I might not be physically present at the New York Fashion Week, I’m stalking the updates from the front of my laptop screen across various platforms (One Day, I’ll be there in person, wait for me New York).

Honestly I have not been able to organise my thoughts on the runway looks and designs, but I have nothing but awe for the Street Style looks I’ve been noticing on Instagram, I’ll share some with you.

Nazas_diaryNYFW01.jpg Nazas_diaryNYFW02.jpg Nazas_diaryNYFW03.jpg Nazas_diaryNYFW04.jpg Nazas_diaryNYFW05.jpg Nazas_diaryNYFW06.jpg Nazas_diaryNYFW06.jpg Nazas_diaryNYFW08.jpg Nazas_diaryNYFW09.jpg

These are my favorite styles so far, What do you think?

Leave a comment below!



The Ultimate Guide to keeping your wardrobe

The Ultimate Guide to keeping your wardrobe organized consistently (Part 1)

The Ultimate Guide to keeping your wardrobe
This has always been a MAJOR challenge to me because I always want to have that picture perfect wardrobe that you can show off any time of the day…unfortunately that is not the case..yet.
Because of this obsession for an organized wardrobe, I read a lot of articles on this and I just want to share the ones I feel you can use to keep your wardrobe organized without being overwhelmed with too much information.
This will also help during the seasonal changes or when you want to increase your wardrobe space for newer items.
Sort your clothes into five piles
  1. The clothes you wear very often.
  2. The clothes you wear on special occasions.
  3. The clothes you rarely wear (less than three times a year) .
  4. The clothes that need mending/ washing but are very useful.
  5. The clothes that don’t fit into any of the categories mentioned.
Now let’s tackle them pile by pile.
For the first pile, sort them into trousers, skirts, tops. Choose a preferred method of organizing them and get to work! For example I like to roll my blouses (collarless tops) and store them like that, I am not a fan of equal folding, if I can’t fold all my tops in equally I get frustrated and start rolling all the tops and storing them in a drawer.saves time, but if you like folding, by all means do so. Then put the rest in a hanger and sort out a hanging method (e.g by color or season)

The second pile should be easier considering the fact that should be smaller in size than the first pile. Sort them out with the method mentioned above and hang them in another part of your wardrobe. Its important that they don’t stay on the same side as your other clothes because it will be easier to search for clothes that way..instead of rummaging through a lot of clothes to find the ones you need..and its assumed that you don’t wear the “special occasions ” clothes very often.

This is the first part of the series, the next part is coming soon! Watch out!

Until then, What other tips do you think would be useful? Use the comment section below!